GiveYa - Shopping Deals

GiveYa - Shopping Deals

A Personalised Online Experience

The GiveYa - Shopping Deals Android app features a fantastic range of products for customers to browse through, purchase and share with their friends, all while benefiting from many great reductions. This app is used by people throughout the world as their go-to choice for online shopping on the go.

With free shipping and deals ranging from 50% to 85% off great products, finding a bargain is easy. The app showcases more than 75,000 products that have been expertly selected for the online store in categories such as Accessories, Watches and Electronics. You can navigate to these sections to easily zone-in on the products you're looking for.

Every day there are new GiveYa - Shopping Deals to discover throughout the store, showcasing low prices on a range of products. Finding bargains online can be stressful, but with this app it doesn't have to be. A variety of great features make shopping for deals not just a money-saving experience, but also an enjoyable one.

The app has a number of enticing features to try out as you shop, including a customisable wish-list where you can organise any products you like into categories, whether you're noting down products for Christmas or a birthday. Simply return to your wish-lists whenever you're ready to start purchasing.

You'll also notice you can share your purchases with other people, which creates an incredibly social way to shop online. From suggesting great products to showing off what you've bought, connect with friends and family easily.

In addition to this, the store is incredibly personalised to your preferences and shopping habits, so logging on to the app will open you up to a world of enticing products you'll love.

GiveYa - Shopping Deals is a personalised and customisable app for people who want to purchase great products on the go at low prices. Share, discover and benefit from a seamless delivery service as you search out the bargains.

GiveYa - Shopping Deals


GiveYa - Shopping Deals

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